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The National Information Technology Company - NETCO

The National Information Technology Company “Netco” headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, and its branch in Egypt was established in 1990 by a group of engineers in response to the increasing commercial growth, which in turn requires effective, cost-effective and reliable software services. They have pledged to provide products that will help companies improve their businesses to continue the development and economic growth of the Middle East and North Africa. Hence, the company has defined its mission to contribute to supporting community change through development and programmatic development. The company is headed by one of the prominent IT consultants with over 35 years of experience in the IT field, and supported by a group of qualified managers in applications and business. Behind them is the Department of Software and Business Applications with technical expertise in the relevant fields.

About Company

company vision

Providing electronic solutions to our customers that will add effective values ​​to their business and create an integrated work environment to facilitate work procedures. The company also puts in mind the step of converting all its systems, whether in the field of health care or in various other fields, to the clouding environment, aiming to provide the highest standards of efficiency in work.

Our goal

“Our mission is to become a leading global provider of information solutions.” Netco strives to provide effective services in all its software solutions.” We are committed to presenting our vision, solutions and proposals, in addition to developing and integrating final software solutions for our clients, using our acquired experiences based on experience and know-how in implementing and applying various computer programs.

CEO Speech

Whenever I remember how we started, how we rose and where we stand now, I feel proud of all our successes, and although we started from humble capabilities in the year 1990, we were able to make great achievements. The acceleration of Netco’s development in recent years has been astounding. We are one of the first companies that started serving health information systems on the cloud environment. We launched the service for trial in late 2014 with iweb, and we were facing major technical and organizational challenges during which we reached the current form, which was a huge success that exceeded our expectations. In late 2016, the service was officially re-launched and the number of users increased to 1,000. And the number is still increasing, thanks to God. Just as the company has gone through multiple phases, the most important stage in the company’s journey is the opening of a subsidiary company for Netco in the Arab Republic of Egypt. One of the fruits of this step was to attract high calibers, transfer all the company’s programs to the web, and launch the eCare system. Which is based on the latest software technologies. Not only that, but it has gained a lot of development during the past six years. Our goals were a reality greater than our capabilities, most notably managing customers and applications electronically, and this was achieved for us through a customer service system that facilitated us to do our work and achieved the satisfaction of our customers. One of our most important achievements is the “Your Doctor” mobile application. Which is distinguished from others by multiple features, the most important of which is that it is an extension of the Iker system. On this occasion, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my colleagues, who are just as passionate about bringing a new concept of digital healthcare as I do. They were loyal soldiers, fierce fighters in the labor market, and they did not disappoint me. I conclude on this occasion by thanking our customers, whom we consider our partners in this success. They are the store of our knowledge and our marketing network, and they bear with us a lot of trouble due to their sincerity of intention and sincere desire to achieve the best. Khaled bin Khalaf Al-Dihan 04/09/2019

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